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About  Me


Not Katherine or Katrina or Kathleen, just Kate. I’ve found my true passion and calling in teaching yoga and helping people get healthy and honestly, it came as a bit of a surprise. I grew up a picky eater who was uncomfortable in her body and fearful of trying new things so at no point did I think I was destined to teach any kind of movement modality or guide others to eat more adventurously, but life has a way of surprising you.


My curiosity about other cultures nudged me out of my American nest in 2005 and over to Europe where I embraced new ways of eating, living and being in this world. My struggle with anxiety and desire to have a more resilient body led me to yoga and after a couple years in France and Italy I discovered my spiritual home in London. It was here (where I moved to study and work in the media) that the path to becoming a yoga teacher beckoned and I gladly followed my heart.  

Hi, I,m Kate Lovell

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I’m passionate about helping others create a roadmap to themselves and their wellbeing. Think of it like a guide to you and your inner growth that’s always there to refer to when your wellbeing gets out of whack. Nutritional and other health advice can have you in a tailspin and there’s so much more out there than when I began my journey! I believe we innately know what’s best for us but it takes a little detective work to get to that clarity. I’ve found my way of living a healthy life (aka The Kate Way) but what’s yours? I’m here to help you find it.


I’d love to support you on this endlessly rewarding path to owning yourself and YOUR way to thrive in this world so CLICK HERE to learn all the ways you can work with me.

  • I grew up in a musical family and play piano (Chopin mostly)

  • As a child, I was obsessed with dinosaurs (Stegosaurus mostly)

  • I've lived in Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New York City, Florence, Paris, Lille, Abruzzo and London

  • I speak French and Italian (and English with a slightly muddled American accent)

  • Favourite vegetables: rocket, asparagus and swiss chard

  • Least favourite vegetables: kohl rabi, jerusalem artichokes, and celeriac

  • Favourite sweet treat?  Dark Chocolate.  Every time.

  • I only wear Autumn colours (because I'm An Autumn)

A bit more about me

What people say

Yoga with Kate goes beyond simply learning helpful postures. Kate’s entire approach to life and to her yoga practice is one that is holistically comprehensive, emotionally rich, mentally soothing and highly impactful.  Her carefully chosen, thought-out sequences are both familiar and entirely new, giving one the feeling of constant evolvement, whilst building a solid foundation. 

- Lizzie, Musician

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